First Financial Markets Focused Litigation Funder created

Therium Partners with AHV to Create First Financial Markets Focused Litigation Funder

23 November 2015

Therium Capital, a leading third party litigation funder, has formed a joint venture with AHV, a financial markets and corporate finance advisory firm, to create Therium AHV Financial Markets. Therium AHV Financial Markets will fund the full spectrum of financial markets disputes, which has seen a significant increase in cases going to court in the last few years. The new partnership is already working on a number of matters.

This venture is a testament to Therium’s continued innovation of the third party funding industry, driven by growing demand for funding of financial services cases, as highlighted by the firm’s recent research, and the increasing complexity of financial products and transactions across the global financial markets. AHV’s extensive experience and technical knowledge across markets and products coupled with Therium’s legal and litigation funding expertise will create the first go to financial services focused litigation funder in the market, delivering to corporate, institutional and private clients the most appropriate funding structure, best support, quick decisions and keen pricing.

Neil Purslow, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Therium, said: “We are delighted to be bringing Therium AHV Financial Markets to our clients and establishing the first third party funder which is dedicated to funding complex financial markets disputes, a sector in which AHV has considerable expertise. There is a significant opportunity for funding in this space and we are already working on a number of cases together.”

Hanif Virji, Co-Founder of AHV, said: “We are excited to be partnering with Therium, one of the most active and established third party funding firms in the market. We will be working on a global basis to provide markets and product focused advice and expertise to help create the right funding solutions for individuals and corporates.”

Hanif Virji who will be leading the initiative at AHV has over 25 years’ experience of working in the financial markets and is a leading practitioner in derivatives. His dispute resolution work at AHV provides comprehensive coverage of derivatives, including equities, interest rates, currencies, credit and emerging markets. Prior to founding AHV in 2001, Hanif spent more than a decade in investment banking, which included senior leadership roles in derivatives and innovative financial instruments at Crédit Agricole Indosuez, J.P. Morgan Securities, Lazard Brothers & Co., and Barclays de Zoette Wedd Securities.

About Therium

Therium is one of the most established litigation funders with a market leading track record of generating superior returns for investors. In April 2015, Therium secured an additional £200 million to invest in group litigation, large scale commercial litigation and arbitration globally. The fundraising is believed to be the largest single investment in the litigation funding sector to date. Headquartered in London, Therium has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in litigation funding, pioneering the use of insurance and being the first to launch a portfolio funding model in the UK. The firm’s ability to develop innovative funding arrangements compliments its rigorous approach and experience of funding a wide range of claims across different jurisdictions.

Clients praise this discipline and welcome direct contact with Therium’s key decision makers at each stage of the funding process. Therium was launched by a team of lawyers in 2009 and is a founding member of the UK based Association of Litigation Funders.

About AHV

Founded by Hanif Virji and Andrew Harrington in 2001, AHV’s Financial Markets Advisory business offers services including advising on the management of risk, the valuation of financial products and derivatives, and most prominently, the mis-selling of such products as Fixed Rate Loans, Interest Rate Hedging Products, Structured Products and complex derivatives. AHV has built a strong track record of successfully advising claimants and achieving negotiated settlements and acting as Expert Witness. All of AHV’s Partners have extensive experience in the financial markets and have been entrepreneurs in their own right. This combination of experience gives AHV the unique ability to advise individuals and businesses on all aspects of their finance related disputes.

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