Carsten Heise

Carsten joined Therium Deutschland GmbH at the beginning of 2018 as an Investment Officer. After a formal education certificate program in banking with a real estate investment bank, Carsten specialised in the fields of corporate, stock market and banking law. He holds a degree in law and was admitted to the German Bar Association in 1996. CarstenĀ“s long-term litigation practice, first as a managing director of Germany`s leading association for the protection of security holders and later as an attorney-at-law (Rechtsanwalt), extends from collective actions conducted for damaged investors to the perception of appraisal rights in corporate special situations. A particular focus lies on court proceedings pursuant to the German Act on Legal Appraisal Proceedings, where Carsten serves as a joint representative for the minority shareholders. Carsten has profound expertise in banking and securities law, including exchange trading practices, and is working as a lecturer for Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in these fields.

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