Our litigation funding process

As a leading global provider of litigation funding, Therium has consistently been at the forefront of market innovation, delivering litigation funding through the full range of litigation financing products available. Therium provides litigation funding in all forms including single case litigation and arbitration funding, funding law firms and funding portfolios of litigation and arbitration claims.

Therium has been a market leader in developing litigation finance techniques to fund individual litigation claims. Therium’s litigation funding can meet some or all of the costs of pursuing the claim in return for a share of the proceeds payable if, and only if, the claim is successful.

Therium has extensive experience with funding international arbitration and can offer arbitration funding specifically tailored to the particular issues that arise in those cases.

In December 2014, Therium launched the UK’s first portfolio funding offering for law firms. Working alongside leading firms and sharing risk and reward, Therium embeds into its portfolio funding arrangements a collaborative culture and alignment of interests. This enables clients to enjoy the benefits of a more efficient and joined-up litigation funding process.

For many years, Therium has worked with law firms to monetize areas of their practice, from contingency fees for cases or portfolios of cases to funding work in progress and bringing forward receivables current.

Therium has delivered a variety of solutions to clients who wish to (i) de-risk their litigation, (ii) remove the drain on cash flow and profit from financing litigation, or (iii) realize value from their claim, judgment or award.