Litigation finance for charities and non profits

Charities and non-profits have an essential role in supporting those in need. However, to protect their statuses as non-profits as well as the communities they serve, charities must constantly navigate different regulations, deal with political change, manage funds, and anything else that comes to mind. This can often result in litigation concerns and a need for support from litigation funding. To that end, we’ve put together a quick guide on litigation finance for charities and non profits.

Therium is one of the world’s most trusted litigation funders. We have years of experience, knowledge, and insight into litigation funding and ideally positioned to help charities find financial backing for litigation.


Challenges charities face

Charities protect and support people, animals, and communities in vulnerable situations. To do so charities often have to deal with strict compliance, rigid internal structures, fundraising, costs, disputes, extraordinary incidents, reliance on government support, and a host of other concerns. When it comes to litigation funding charities can use our expertise and services to manage reputation, combat corporate issues, settle disputes, and generally ensure that their community receives the aid they need.

Safeguarding is a constant factor in the role of charities. Working in areas where communities and individuals are at high risk comes with its own list of concerns. Our team understands how safeguarding and other measures can impact your charity and we can help with support, guidance, and insight into policies, procedures, audits, reviews and the implementations thereof.

Outside of the factors mentioned above, charities are constantly facing new threats. New laws regarding data usage are just a taste of how the legal landscape is changing and having the support of someone like Therium behind you can put you at ease and allow you to continue the work you do without fear of reprisals.


What is Litigation Funding?

Litigation funding is when a third party/parties provide the finances required to pursue litigation or arbitration. Litigants obtain the means to pursue a case by consulting a group like Therium. Whether we help clients find funders or funders find clients to support, we carry out rigorous checks and balances to protect our clients as well as our funders’ needs.

Funders usually only see a return on their investment if the party they are backing wins the case. This conditional payout can make litigation funding a risk for anyone footing the bill. Fortunately, our expert team have spent years honing their craft. Since 2009, we have funded claims to the value of over $36bn and are active in cases across 5 continents. This scope and history allow us to offer sage advice to charities and ensure they are lined up with a litigation fund that is the right fit.

Litigation funding provides a valuable tool to access justice for claimants. If your charity doesn’t have funds available, or may not want to risk what assets you do have in a claim then you can turn to litigation funding.

It’s worth mentioning that this course of action is limited to commercial disputes, and is usually only successfully funded in situations where clients have a strong case and the potential return on investment is high.

To establish the potential of a case we go through several stages of analysis, questioning, and meetings. These steps protect charities from committing to lengthy legal proceedings unnecessarily and protect litigation funders from a high chance of loss.


Why Therium?

We have been one of the torchbearers of litigation funding for decades. We have developed several models for delivering successful litigation funding services and can boast a wide array of accolades and awards. With long, fruitful relationships across the finance and legal sectors, we have the network to connect litigants to funders that fit their needs.

Our legal team is also well-versed in charity law and have worked with charities of all sizes and concerns. We are here to help your organisation grow and thrive through changes and challenges. We believe in the crucial support charities bring to communities and look forward to helping out our clients however we can, get in touch with us today.

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