Securities Litigation & Disputes

Therium has a strong track record of funding securities litigation and investor group claims and has been investing in these types of claims since 2011 across a wide range of jurisdictions.

Securities Litigation Funding and Dispute Resolution

Therium invests in securities litigation including securities class action lawsuits and group actions brought by shareholders and investor loss claims in the UK, led by securities litigation lawyers.

Securities lawsuits are brought against publicly traded companies by investors who have suffered losses as a result of the company violating securities laws, which hold companies accountable for fraud and weak corporate governance.

In addition to holding companies accountable for poor governance, litigation helps to deter future wrongdoers from breaching regulation, thereby promoting a strong rule of law.

By providing funding that enables these claims to be brought by leading securities litigation law firms, Therium empowers shareholders to pursue compensation for losses, delivering access to justice for those who have been wronged.

Therium is a leading provider of legal finance for securities litigation and has supported thousands of investors to recover losses. The team consists of legal and financial experts from leading law firms and financial institutions, who conduct extensive due diligence on securities claims in-house to help clients to maximise their recovery.

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