Judgments And Arbitral Awards

Therium provides funding for enforcement actions to ensure that once a legal judgment has been delivered it can be enforced and claimants can access their legal or arbitral award.

Judgment Enforcement & Awards

Enforcing a judgment is a crucial step to ensure that a claimant can access their hard-fought award, but it is a lengthy and expensive process.

As well as funding litigation and arbitration cases, Therium provides funding for judgement enforcement actions, helping to ensure access to justice and upholding the rule of law, particularly in areas where it is weak by holding wrongdoers accountable and deterring poor governance.

Case Studies

Therium has a successful track record of funding enforcement actions, including against states through arbitration across a variety of jurisdictions Find out more about the types of cases we have supported to enforce legal judgments and monetise awards for claimants.

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