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Post Office Scandal

The Case

Therium funded the historic legal battle over a faulty computer system called Horizon. Claims were brought by 550 sub-postmasters for loss and damages suffered as a result of shortages in their accounts, which were either wrongly generated or were unable to be understood, addressed and corrected or properly investigated. The case ultimately settled after a hard-fought battle including two trials and two failed attempts to appeal and one failed application to have the judge recuse himself by the Post Office.

Why It’s Significant

The Post Office scandal was one of the UK’s most widespread miscarriages of justice with over 700 sub-postmasters prosecuted. As a result of the civil proceedings, the sub-postmasters were able to overturn criminal convictions that had been wrongly obtained and they secured a public inquiry and ultimately compensation from the government for all affected sub-postmasters.

Therium’s Solution

This is a notable example of litigation funding providing access to justice for victims who lack the resources to seek redress from a government-backed company which deploys its extensive resources in an attempt to defeat the claims made against it.


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