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Amazon Anti-trust Class Action

The Case

Therium is funding a class action brought before the Federal Court of Canada for damages arising from Amazon’s anti-competitive agreements with third-party sellers on the Amazon platform, which restricted those sellers from selling products on other e-commerce sites for prices lower than the prices charged on Amazon. This is alleged to have had the effect of raising prices on other e-commerce platforms and maintaining artificially high prices on the Amazon platform.

Though this claim is being brought on a standalone basis in Canada, it takes place in the context of ongoing investigations by the European Commission and other regulators into Amazon’s conduct more generally and Amazon’s practices having already been found to be anti-competitive by the German Federal Cartel Office. The funding arrangements have been approved by the Canadian Federal Court.

Why It’s Significant

The claim is the highest value anti-trust class action in Canada.

Therium’s Solution

The case is an example of heavy competition litigation to which Therium is able to commit significant resources, making the case one of the largest funded claims in Canadian legal history.


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