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The Case

Therium is funding a class action on behalf of members of various superannuation funds managed by one of Australia largest fund managers, AMP Ltd (AMP).

The case alleges that the Trustees of a significant number of AMP superannuation funds have breached their statutory and equitable duties to act in the best interests of their members and not to prefer the interests of their related parties (being other companies within the AMP Group) over the interests of their members. It is alleged that the class members have suffered damage by (a) being charged excessively high administration and investment fees by AMP and (b) receiving lower returns on their investments due to those investments being made into other AMP products. The class also alleges that various AMP Group companies, being related entities of the Trustees, were knowingly involved in the breaches by the Trustees.

Why It’s Significant

The number of potential class members in this case (which may number in the millions), plus the expected value of their combined claims, makes this potentially one of the largest class actions brought against an Australian financial services company by its customers. The case is a consolidation of two separate class actions.

Therium’s Solution

Without funding, this class action against AMP Trustees would be unlikely to have proceeded. The class action provides AMP superannuation fund members with a route to redress for the Trustees’ alleged failure to comply with duties owed to the members.


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