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25.04.2018 / Business Insider

Therium funding of potential class action against AMP is reported in the Australian press.

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17.04.2018 / Financial Review

Class action lawyers to fight over GetSwift.

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16.04.2018 / Law Society Gazette

Elly Brindle appointment features in Law Society Gazette.

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13.04.2018 / City AM

Elly Brindle appointment features in City AM.

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12.04.2018 / Therium

Therium adds to its investment team in London with Elly Brindle.

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10.04.2018 / The Australian

Therium funding of Class Action against Commonwealth Bank Australia reported in The Australian.

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03.04.2018 / City A.M

Today City A.M. reveals the varied and surprising names behind a massive £550m legal battle with Lloyds over its takeover of HBOS at the height of the financial crisis – and the cast includes major institutions, aristocrats, vicars and politicians. The groups, which includes institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Nomura Asset …

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03.04.2018 / Lawyerpress

Therium completa su nuevo fondo de 300 millones de libras para financiar litigios.

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29.03.2018 / Reuters

High Court has indicated that it will be recommending the Group Litigation Order for consumers in England and Wales in relations to VW for Dieselgate, subject to the approval of the President of the Queens Bench Division.

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29.03.2018 / Daily Telegraph

London Court set to give the go-ahead to ‘dieselgate’ lawsuit for 60,000 Volkswagen car owners.

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29.03.2018 / Financial Times

Car owners in England and Wales wishing to sue Volkswagen for diesel emissions fraud have seven months to join the case at London’s High Court, which on Thursday appointed law firms Leigh Day and Slater & Gordon as joint leads to take on the German carmaker. With some 60,000 claimants already signed up, the …

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15.02.2018 / City A.M.

Noel Edmonds’ litigation funder Therium completes £300m fundraising led by US insurer Amtrust.

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15.02.2018 / The Lawyer

Therium calls on Simmons as it launches largest-ever litigation fund.

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Therium Completes First Close Of New £300 Million Fund From Global Institutional Investors.

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13.02.2018 / Sky News

Postmasters land funding for legal‎ clash over Post Office IT fiasco.

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12.02.2018 / Financial Times

UK corporate court cases drop by a quarter.

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31.01.2018 / Financial Times

Noel Edmonds secures funding for HBOS lawsuit

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31.01.2018 / The Guardian

Noel Edmonds secures funding to pursue £60m Lloyds claim

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31.01.2018 / City A.M.

TV presenter Noel Edmonds secures Therium litigation funding for Lloyds HBOS legal battle

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28.12.2017 / Financial Times

Litigation funders spurred on by bigger caseload

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30.11.2017 / Fortune

Google Faces a Fresh Privacy Class Action Suit Over Tracking iPhone Safari Users.

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30.11.2017 / Financial Times

Google faces UK suit over alleged snooping on iPhone users.

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20.11.2017 / Legal Week

Addleshaws advises on £1bn damages claim against truck cartel.

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31.10.2017 / Milano Finanza

Oliver Novick co-authored article with Cino Raffa of Crea in Italy’s Milano Finanza.

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17.10.2017 / Ciar Global

Ignacio Delgado interview published in Ciar Global, a magazine about arbitration in Latin America.

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10.10.2017 / Evening Standard

Public finally scents blood as Lloyds trial looms.

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27.09.2017 / The In-House Lawyer

Taking advantage of group litigation offerings.

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20.09.2017 / Il Sole 24 Ore

Therium featured in Italy’s Il Sole 24 Ore.

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14.09.2017 / Logistics Manager

RHA truck price fixing claim hits £720m.

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13.09.2017 / UK Haulier

EU Truck Cartel continues to dominate haulage sector headlines.

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11.09.2017 / Commercial Motor

RHA led truck cartel compensation action passes 2,000th haulier mark.

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20.07.2017 / The Lawyer

Why AI will turbocharge the litigation funding market.

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19.07.2017 / City A.M.

Connection Capital raises £8m from private investors for Volkswagen and Lloyds Bank litigation funder Therium

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18.07.2017 / CityWire

The class action against Royal Bank of Scotland that recently hit the headlines was an interesting case for investors in more ways than one.

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29.06.2017 / The Global Legal Post

Therium adds to investment teams in New York and London

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Therium builds investment teams in New York and London to Support Growth in Litigation Financing Services.

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29.06.2017 / The American Lawyer

UK Litigation Funder Expands in US After Launch Last Year

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15.06.2017 / El Confidencial

Therium featured in Spain’s El Confidencial

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13.06.2017 / Sky News

British hauliers secure funding for £4bn truck cartel claim

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13.06.2017 / BBC News

Trucker body to seek cartel compensation

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13.06.2017 / Financial Times

Truckmakers face £3.9bn UK legal claim over price fixing

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10.06.2017 / The Times

A court case may result in healthy profits, if you win

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02.06.2017 / The Times

Leading high street names line up to seek damages from Visa and Mastercard

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01.06.2017 / El País

Therium featured in Spain’s El País

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16.05.2017 / Therium

The Brief is full of the firm’s news and views on market developments in litigation and arbitration finance.

Highlights in this issue:

Therium launches in Germany as the country’s first full service litigation funder
Tipping the balance. Essar vs. Norscot; a watershed moment for litigation funding?, By Timothy Mayer
In the spotlight: Q & A with Mark Humphries of Humphries Kerstetter LLP

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12.05.2017 / New Law Journal

Taking root

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24.03.2017 / Expansión

Therium featured in Spain’s Expansión
Los fondos compran derechos sobre el cobro de sentencias

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13.03.2017 / The Global Legal Post

Therium becomes Germany’s first full service litigation funder

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Therium launches in Germany as the country’s first full service litigation funder

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01.02.2017 / TGC

Retainer to Recovery, A Journey through Modern Litigation.

Wednesday 1st February 2017.

Whether we like it or not, in the current climate, civil litigators at all levels need to be experts in costs issues, whether when grappling with cost budgets, understanding ‘proportionality’ or dealing with fixed costs.

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09.01.2017 / The Lawyer

VW and Freshfields mount defence as British car owners demand £3k each over emissions scandal

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05.12.2016 / Law&Trends

Pérez-Llorca hosts an event in Madrid on litigation financing in bankruptcy scenarios

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01.12.2016 / Litigation Funding

Tipping the balance. Essar vs. Norscot; a watershed moment for litigation funding?

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Therium appoints Tom Sibert as General Counsel and Investment Officer

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28.11.2016 / The Law Society Gazette

Litigation funding: capital gain

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22.11.2016 / Bloomberg Markets

In Pursuit of a 10,000% Return

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18.11.2016 / Association of Litigation Funders

Statement from the Association of Litigation Funders of England & Wales regarding
the Court of Appeal Judgment in Excalibur

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18.11.2016 / Finansavisen

Therium featured in Norway’s Finansavisen
Therium Nordic har finansiert sin første sak i Norge

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14.11.2016 / Windpower Monthly

Litigation against Spanish banks set to snowball

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17.10.2016 / El Confidencial

Therium featured in Spain’s El Confidencial
Therium Financia Litigios De Alto Nivel
Un ‘fondo Robin Hood’ aterriza en España para poner en jaque a petroleras y banca

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10.10.2016 / The Law Society Gazette

Absent businessman jailed over dispute with litigation funder

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09.09.2016 / Insider Quarterly

Legal assets

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01.09.2016 / Sky News

Barclays Accused Of Making $3bn ‎Loan To Fund Qatar Share Deal

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27.07.2016 / Therium

The Brief is full of the firm’s news and views on market developments in litigation and arbitration finance.

Highlights in this issue:

Therium launches in the US and Scandinavia
Litigation growth in financial markets disputes by Hanif Virji
In the spotlight: Q & A with Andrew Head of Forsters LLP

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19.07.2016 / el Economista

Therium funding Spanish service station price fixing claims against fuel suppliers reported by el Economista. El fondo Therium exigirá a Repsol, Cepsa y BP daños por fijar los precios

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14.07.2016 / Expansión

Therium funding renewable energy company claims against Spanish banks for mis-selling swaps reported in Spain’s Expansión.
Llega a España Therium, un fondo para financiar demandas millonarias

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12.07.2016 / Financial Director

How litigation funding can turn legal claims into financial assets

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29.06.2016 / The Times

Now litigation has value worth investment

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13.06.2016 / Financial News

Closet indexers beware: the lawyers are coming… maybe

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03.06.2016 / CDR

Follow the funders

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01.06.2016 / Norway's Finansavisen

Launch of Therium Nordic AS featured in Norway’s Finansavisen
Skal gjøre gull av andres elendighet

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01.06.2016 / Litigation Funding

Litigation finance growth in financial markets disputes

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01.06.2016 / Therium

Therium Launches In Oslo as First Litigation Funder in Scandinavia

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22.05.2016 / The Sunday Times

We’re just looking for a fair exchange.

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18.05.2016 / Expansión

Therium featured in Spain’s Expansión.
El fondo Therium desembarca en España para financiar pleitos

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30.04.2016 / The Times

Trust in the law for big returns.

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21.04.2016 / GAR

Funder hires for New York opening.

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19.04.2016 / The American Lawyer

U.K. Litigation Funder Taps Proskauer Lawyer for U.S. Debut.

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19.04.2016 / Therium

Therium Group Holdings Limited announces that it is launching operations in the United States, headquartered in New York City.

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24.02.2016 / Italy's Legal Community

Therium featured in Italy’s Legal Community
Il third party funding fa rotta sull’Italia

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18.02.2016 / The Lawyer

Therium in talks with firms to launch funding ABS.

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10.02.2016 / Therium

The Brief is full of the firm’s news and views on market developments in litigation and arbitration finance.

Inside this issue:

The key drivers of growth in litigation funding in the UK.
Launch of Therium AHV Financial Markets
Dispute funding goes mainstream.
Keynote speaking engagements
Press highlights
In the spotlight: Q & A with Simon Cullingworth, Partner, Kobre & Kim LLP

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11.01.2016 / Mishcon de Reya

Therium partnership with Mishcon de Reya as funder for claims regarding the mis-selling of complex IRHPs.

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08.12.2015 / CDR

Article about the launch of Therium AHV Financial Markets, Timothy Mayer and Nicholas Moore joining as Investment Team Principles, and our litigation funding survey with Just Costs Solicitors

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03.12.2015 / Harcus Sinclair

Neil Purslow quoted in Harcus Sinclair article on the introduction of the Consumer Rights Act.

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23.11.2015 / City AM

Timothy Mayer and Nicholas Moore appointed as Investment Team Principals.

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23.11.2015 / Financial News

Lloyds lawsuit backer launches first dedicated financial legal fund.

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23.11.2015 / Therium

Therium Partners with AHV to Create First Financial Markets Focused Litigation Funder.

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15.10.2015 / CDR

Timothy Mayer and Nicholas Moore appointed as Investment Team Principals.

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14.10.2015 / Therium

Therium survey of litigation partners at leading finds that Financials Services sector and risk management are key drivers of growth in litigation funding in the UK.

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14.10.2015 / The Times

Third-party lawsuit funding on the up – claim funders

Third-party funding of lawsuits is on the cusp of taking off in the UK – according to the funders themselves.

A survey released by one of the big players claims that 70 per cent of litigation partners at the country’s leading law firms reckon that clients are showing an increasing interest in turning to commercial funders.

Funding is highly controversial, not least with large corporations, with many in-house lawyers fearing that its increased availability will take the UK further down the road towards a US-style compensation culture. Others warn that funding could breach longstanding rules of champerty.

The survey – conducted by Therium, a funding business, and Just Costs Solicitors – purports to show an increasing appetite for the model. Nearly 80 per cent of litigation partners said they were aware of specific third-party funded cases within the last year.

Neil Purslow, Therium’s chief investment officer, said there had been a significant increase in third-party funding in litigation involving financial institutions, industrials, energy and natural resources. Purslow commented: “The ability to meet costs, risk management and accounting benefits are closely ranked as benefits.”

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13.10.2015 / Therium

Therium appoints Timothy Mayer and Nicholas Moore as Principals in its Investment Team.

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04.09.2015 / Investment and Pensions Europe

Class action activity is on the rise in the US where some European institutions have received big payouts. But Gail Moss finds that many pension funds are unaware they might be losing money by not making claims.

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24.07.2015 / Investment and Pensions Europe

Pension funds initiate £300m class action claim over Lloyds HBOS takeover.
By Taha Lokhandwala

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05.05.2015 / The Law Society Gazette

Litigation funder pledges £200m for new cases.

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05.05.2015 / The Financial Times

Therium raises £200m in litigation funding.

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01.05.2015 / Therium

Therium Capital Announces £200m Fundraising. Biggest ever single investment in litigation funding globally.

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19.12.2014 / Therium

Therium Announces New Portfolio Funding Model. Innovative portfolio funding model launched with first law firm.

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Ankara, Turkey : Tim Mayer is speaking at the FIDIC update and arbitration masterclass hosted by CMS in Ankara, Turkey, on 21 March.


Oslo : Henrik A. Jensen spoke on 16th November in Oslo at an arbitration workshop hosted by law firms Schjødt (Norway) and Roschier (Sweden) and London barristers’ chambers 20 Essex Street (UK).


Stockholm : Henrik Berg spoke on 9th November in Stockholm at Young Arbitrators Sweden’s “Arbitration Day” hosted by law firm Mannheimer Swartling.


London : Tim Mayer took part in a debate in London on the draft report of the ICCA-QMUL Task Force on Third-Party Funding in International Arbitration. The event is hosted by QMUL and Norton Rose Fulbright.


Neil Purslow spoke at the Litigation Funding Conference, Monday 2nd October.


London : Neil Purslow spoke at Addleshaw Goddard’s AIPN Third Party Funding seminar.


London : Tim Mayer spoke at Debtwire’s Restructuring Day seminar in London. Tim took part in a panel on international arbitration.


Oslo : Therium Nordic hosted a breakfast seminar in Oslo on 8th September. Nick Moore from Therium’s London headquarters gave an update on the developments in litigation finance in UK and internationally.


London : Neil Purslow spoke at the Legal Business Commercial Litigation Forum on 3 July in London, Disputes funding meets big tickets disputes.


London : Neil Purslow spoke at Mishcon de Reya’s ‘The Art and Science of Litigation’ conference on 28th June 17


London : Tim Mayer spoke at the 7th GAR Live conference in London on 15 May 2017


Madrid : Ignacio Delgado made a presentation on behalf of Therium at an event organised by the Perez-Llorca law firm. The subject was litigation funding and how it relates to companies in bankruptcy and receivership. Perez-Llorca invited lawyers, receivers in bankruptcy and others. James Blick (Judge) and Armando Betancort, a Spanish lawyer and specialist in bankruptcies, also made presentations.


New York : Neil Purslow spoke at Serle Court’s International Trusts and Commercial Litigation Conference in New York.


Washington DC : John Byrne, Neil Purslow, Eric Blinderman and Patrick Dempsey attended the IBA annual conference in Washington.


Berlin : John Byrne spoke at Third Party Litigation Funding seminar in Berlin


Oslo : Therium hosted a breakfast briefing on litigation funding for the Scandinavian market.


Barcelona : Neil Purslow gave a talk about funding financial market disputes at the Banking Litigation Network Conference.


Polonia Palace Hotel, Warsaw : John Byrne spoke at CEE Consulting Group’s Introduction to Third Party Litigation Funding conference.


Freshfields, London : Tim Mayer was a panellist at the 6th Annual GAR Live London event. The debate, “Getting the client paid”, explored both the legal and practical aspects of enforcement and other means of monetising awards.


JLT, London : Neil Purslow and Hanif Virji spoke at JLT’s Commercial Litigation Conference. Hanif gave a talk entitled: “Building and funding group actions involving financial markets disputes.” Neil was a panellist for a discussion about trends in third party funding.


London : Neil Purslow spoke about “The Rise of Litigation Funding in the UK” at AIG’s Corporate Governance Event 2016


London : Neil Purslow spoke at the International Bar Association’s “Third Party Funding and International Arbitration Conference”


London : Neil Purslow spoke at the C5 Financial Institutions Regulatory Disputes and Investigations conference on “Litigation strategies at the time of increased regulatory scrutiny” and led a masterclass on “De-risked strategies for recovering losses from defective and inappropriate financial products”.