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Law Firm Portfolio Funding

The Case

Therium provided a multi-million-dollar portfolio facility secured by an accomplished litigation firm’s extensive roster of employee misclassification cases.  The targets of the suits were massively successful household names at the forefront of the “gig economy,” whose outsized revenues created a significant power imbalance against individual workers seeking to enforce basic employment rights. The law firm utilized Therium’s funding both to retain new clients and to fund litigation against the offending employers.  This investment highlights how Therium’s capital can be strategically deployed to facilitate redress for many thousands of wronged individuals and to balance the scales when going up against litigation adversaries with immense financial resources.

Why It’s Significant

This case is significant because Therium provided seed capital to a new law firm that utilized a novel legal approach to generate significant recoveries for those who suffered serious economic harm.

Therium’s Solution

Therium’s solution was to work with the lawyers, marketing team, and other stakeholders to ensure the successful execution of a legal approach which (although substantively sound) had not yet been tested in the courts.


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