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Dominos Pizza Employee Class Action

The Case

Therium is funding a class action on behalf of a large group of employees and former employees against Dominos Pizza Enterprises Limited (Dominos). The case alleges that Dominos, as the head franchisor, made alleged systemic false or misleading representations to its franchisee network in relation to wage rates and conditions applicable to employees of the franchisees from in or around 2010, which resulted in widespread underpayment of franchisee staff, predominantly pizza delivery drivers, from that time until 2018.

Why It’s Significant

The Dominos Pizza lawsuit is one of the largest class actions brought to date on behalf of an employee group in Australia and has gained significant media attention.

Therium’s Solution

Without Therium funding the Dominos class action, Dominos employees numbering in the thousands, would be unlikely to have been able to seek compensation for their alleged underpayment.


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