Country Head

Simon Dluzniak

Simon joined Therium in January 2019 and is the head of Therium Capital Management Australia, based in Melbourne.  Simon has been active in the funding industry since 2003, which included setting up the Melbourne office of IMF Bentham Ltd (now Omni Bridgeway) and then their London office in 2014.  Simon has significant funding experience, particularly in relation to class action and insolvency litigation, having managed numerous notable cases across various jurisdictions including against Treasury Wines, Gunns, Bellamys, Volkswagen AG and Tesco.

Prior to his funding experience, Simon worked with corporate regulators in both Australia and the UK and also with Ernst & Young.  Simon graduated from La Trobe University with degrees in Arts (BA) and Law (LLB) in 1997 and was admitted to practice law in Victoria, Australia in 1999.

Simon is also currently the Chair of the Regional Chapter of ILFA, the International Legal Finance Association.


"Simon does a great job. They fund strong matters."

- Chambers 2021

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